Letter of Authorization

Your registration cannot be confirmed until we receive your fee either by credit card, purchase order, or check. However, we know that sometimes it takes a public agency several weeks to authorize and process a payment, and during that time a class may fill up. 

A "Letter of Authorization" (LOA) solves this problem. This letter notifies us that a student's registration fee has been approved by the agency and that payment is in process. Submitting a Letter of Authorization with your registration form will allow us to confirm your place in a class before we receive your agency's check or purchase order. When using a Letter of Authorization, please follow up with your agency to ensure that payment is actually processed, as payment is due in full within 30 days after the class or event.

Preparing a Letter of Authorization

Please provide one Letter of Authorization per class or event. You may use a single authorization to register a group of students in a single class.  (However, you cannot use a single authorization to register students for multiple classes.)  The LOA must be printed on agency letterhead and must be signed by the authorizing supervisor or manager. The LOA must contain the following information:

  • Today's date
  • Class/event code (e.g. TE-01)
  • Class/event title
  • Class/event date
  • Class/event location
  • The following statement:  My agency has authorized the registration of the individual(s) listed below in the above-referenced class. A (CHECK or PURCHASE ORDER or SUBSEQUENT CREDIT CARD PAYMENT) is currently being processed in the amount of $________. It will be submitted within 30 days. Based on this authorization for fee payment, please confirm the registration of the following student(s):
  • List of student name(s)
  • Signature of authorizing supervisor or manager
  • Contact information (Name, Title, Phone, Email) for the person issuing the Letter of Authorization
  • The following statement: I acknowledge that there is a cancellation fee of $75. There are no refunds for classes with registration fees of $75 or less. For all other classes, I may cancel my enrollment and receive a refund of my registration fee less $75, provided Tech Transfer receives my written request to cancel at least 5 full working days before the class is scheduled to begin. Notification must be made in writing, sent by e-mail to registrar@techtransfer.berkeley.edu or by fax to 510-643-1864. The University reserves the right to charge the full fee for the course if proper notification is not sent to The Technology Transfer Program. 

    In lieu of canceling my registration, I have three additional options, I may (1) transfer my registration to another class, (2) receive a tuition credit for the full amount, useable toward a future class, or (3) send a substitute in my place. 

    I understand that Tech Transfer recommends that I discuss any possible problems or online security issues with my IT person before registering for any online classes. If I am worried about connectivity issues, I will contact the online training coordinator the week before the class to schedule a time to test my system. If I do not test my system and I have technical issues during a live online class, Tech Transfer will not provide a refund.

Submitting a Letter of Authorization

For quick confirmation of your registration, fax, email, or mail your LOA with your registration form(s) to:

Technology Transfer Program
Institute of Transportation Studies
University of California, Berkeley
109 McLaughlin Hall
Berkeley CA 94720-1720

FAX: 510-643-1864 (attention: Registration)

EMAIL: registrar@techtransfer.berkeley.edu