Tribal Transportation Safety Assessments

We help Native American communities in California identify and implement transportation safety solutions for improved safety for motorists, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. This service provides expert safety reviews of problem areas and recommendations for safety improvements within Native American jurisdictions, as well as on the roadways accessing their sovereign land. 

Complete Streets Safety Assessments

We help California communities improve safety with access, mobility, and liviability in mind.  This flexible service is tailored to meet your community’s safety needs, with emphasis on pedestrian and bicycle safety.   This new program combines and replaces our popular Traffic Safety Assessment, Pedestrian Safety Assessment, Bicycle Safety Assessment, and Rural Safety Assessment programs.

Traffic Safety Assessments

Focusing on engineering and enforcement for motor vehicle traffic, our Traffic Safety Assessment (TSA) can help your community mitigate high-collision locations; improve traffic safety in neighborhoods and at schools; evaluate the adequacy of traffic control systems, signage, and marking; develop effective traffic enforcement strategies; learn about traffic safety innovations; better manage and use traffic records; and more.

Pedestrian Safety Assessments

Pedestrian safety continues to be a challenge for many California communities. While creating safer environments is our main goal, we also know that people walk more in well-designed environments, and we can help you improve the design and safety of your roads to create thriving neighborhoods with better personal interactions, improved accessibility, pollution reduction, and increased community health.

Bicycle Safety Assessments

Whether your community is seeing or hoping for more bicyclists on the road, we can help you to improve bicycle safety, accessibility and infrastructure. Increased safety and better infrastructure encourages ridership and offers several benefits for communities, including enhanced quality of life and health benefits, economic stimulation and tourism in retail districts, and greater livability for communities by easing traffic congestion.

Rural Safety Assessments

For smaller communities, we offered a scaled version of our traffic safety assessment especially designed for rural or small communities with populations under 25,000. This program brought the same quality of work and expertise while working with your communities on their specific concerns, keeping size and population in mind to create solutions tailored for the community.