Multimodal Courses

Multimodal Courses

Overview of our Multimodal and Active Transportation courses

Since the late 1960s, California has been on the forefront, enacting state legislation that protects the environment, promotes quality of life for residents, and ensures equity in the use of natural resources and investment of taxpayers’ money. Today, the Golden State continues to spearhead state legislation to achieve these lofty goals.

In response to State legislation and official policy guidelines from State agencies, TechTransfer has been offering training courses in multimodal and active transportation over the last decade -- including complete streets planning and design, bus-rapid-transit planning, transit-oriented development planning, bikeway facility planning and design, pedestrian facility design, multimodal transportation impact analysis and performance measures, and VMT metrics application/analysis, among others.

Our training courses in multimodal and active transportation support our State’s overarching goals to promote sustainable transportation, combat climate change, reduce greenhouse gases, promote affordable housing and efficient land development, address environmental-justice and equity concerns, promote safety for all travel modes, and enhance our communities’ quality of life and economic vibrancy.

For example, OPR has selected vehicle-miles-of-travel (VMT) as the preferred metric to comply with Senate Bill 743 (SB 743). The recommended changes to the CEQA Guidelines require fundamental changes in current transportation impact analysis practices and have implications for transportation planning as part of general plans and regional transportation plans. Our TE-60 course covers the technical details of how to address these changes and includes detailed step-by-step explanations of how to analyze land use projects, transportation projects, land use plans (e.g., general plans), and regional transportation plans under SB 743.

Multimodal Course Catalog

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