Prepaid Training Packages

June 24, 2022

TechTransfer offers agencies a convenient way to purchase training for employees without the hassle of purchasing each class for each employee separately.

Agencies can now purchase prepaid training packages then designate the training funds for a specific individual, multiple individuals, or for all employees at the agency. Prepaid training packages can be purchased in any amount over $1,000. TechTransfer will send one invoice for the training package, then work with your agency to apply it toward the training your employees need. Individual employees and training classes do not need to be determined at the time of purchase. Funds can be applied year-round to any course offered by TechTransfer until the funds are fully expended. Funds never expire and are fully transferable within the agency.

  • Efficient: Streamline the purchasing process by making only one training purchase for multiple classes and employees

  • Secure: Utilize remaining use-it-or-lose-it training funds before the end of the fiscal year and use them any time in the future

  • Flexible: There’s no need to identify upfront which employees or which courses your employees will take. 

  • Risk-free: Funds are fully transferable within the agency, so even though they are non-refundable, there’s no risk that training funds will be lost if an employee is reassigned or leaves the agency, or if training needs change

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