Planning Courses

Planning Courses


The professional practice of Transportation and Urban Planning in California requires practitioners to stay abreast of the legislative, policy, and regulatory developments that come from the State and Federal governments, as well as developments in technology that drive the private sector in the transportation space. California has a uniquely challenging environment given the multitude of statutory requirements -- many of which have been enacted only in the last ten years -- and the rapid deployment of new technology often birthed in the Silicon Valley and launched in California.

To cope with the ever changing environment in the professional practice in Transportation and Urban Planning in California, TechTransfer offers many classes covering transportation and urban planning topics, including complete streets, funding and programming, land use, multimodal transportation, pedestrian and bicyclist safety, VMT analytical techniques, and transit-oriented development, among many others. Our courses keep professional planners up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices that help them with emerging demands on the job.

Our courses in Transportation and Urban Planning carry American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) Certification Maintenance (CM) credits. Certified planners must engage in continuing education to maintain their AICP certification. Our classes can help planners meet this very important professional-development goal.

The California Transportation Planning Conference

In addition, Caltrans and TechTransfer co-host the biennial California Transportation Planning Conference. This three-day conference brings together transportation practitioners and decision-makers to exchange knowledge and ideas and to learn about emerging technologies and advancements in transportation planning from national, state, and local experts. The conference addresses sustainability and how we can partner to meet the challenges facing us now and into the future.

Planning Course Catalog

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