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Learn how your community can share roads in a multimodal landscape with Multimodal Transportation Impact Analysis (TE42) and Multimodal Transportation Planning and Engineering (TE40).
Spring Training for Traffic Safety
Spend some time with TechTransfer this spring and learn how to improve safety with Improving Safety at Intersections (TS04), Roadway Lighting Design (TE39) and Improving Safety of Railroad Crossings & Light Rail Systems (TS51).
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Safety Assessments
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Let our safety experts help your community improve traffic, bicycle or pedestrian safety. Check out our safety services and see how we can help you.

Featured instructor
Nazir Lalani
Nazir Lalani

Instructor for Traffic Safety and Rail Operations 

A Contract City Traffic Engineer for the cities of La Quinta, Indian Wells, and Ojai, Nazir is involved with safety projects to reduce crashes, including conducting Traffic Safety Assessments for Tech Transfer. Nazir has researched the safety of railroad highway grade crossings and light rail street operations to improve the profession’s understanding of what works. 

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The Technology Transfer Program is a unit of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. We provide low-cost professional training, workshops, conferences, and free technical assistance for motorized and non-motorized roadway traffic, aviation, and rail.

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The Technology Transfer Program is requesting Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) from professional engineering and planning firms, and other qualified individuals, who can serve as instructors for our short courses and as evaluators in our safety assessment programs.